Random acts of kindness

Have you read Lucky Jim? Damn good book.
Have been feeling a bit weary this week, mentally and physically. It's the feeling you get when you try to solve the Saturday or Sunday NYTimes crossword puzzle. Lots of work, brows furrowed, minimal progress. At some point you're ready to just cheat, but the answers don't come out until tomorrow, and by then you just don't care anymore.
My one antidote to this general malaise has been to dress more formally this week. Dress shirts every day, nice wool slacks. I don't know why. Perhaps it goes back to my college days, when Sam used to say, "If you dress well, you test well." I sometimes wore a tie to midterms or finals. Was there a correlation? No clue.
I think I'm supposed to be watching The Osbournes. Has anyone seen it?
David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven, Panic Room, among others) is close to signing up to direct Mission Impossible 3. Hmm, that's an odd combination.
There are three words in the English language that start with the letters "dw". Don't cheat and look it up. You have one minute to think of all three. Two of them are similar in meaning. I heard this in an episode of The West Wing from season 1, which is out on Region 2 DVD from the UK. At the time, it was likely one of the two best shows on TV, and it might still be. Anyhow, I'll post the answer in the comments field later.
Read an article on Alduous Huxley recently, can't remember where. He believed that humans needed chemical assistance to realize the full potential of their brains. On his deathbed, he asked to be injected with LSD, and I wonder what he saw as he moved off this plane. We should all hope for such an interesting and memorable death, like the supposed death of Nietzsche. Supposedly, he saw a horse that had just been whipped to death lying on the ground, and he went to the horse, hugged it, and wept. I really really hope it's a true story.