Opening Day

Baseball season has started again, and there is great joy in Mudville.
This year I'm in a rotisserie league for both the NL and AL, both of which are run differently, so it's a lot to absorb. The great thing about rotisserie baseball is that suddenly you care about every game being played, because either one of your players is playing or one of your opponents players is playing. It's like March Madness for baseball over a 162 game schedule. I may actually care about AL baseball this year. A large part of the appeal of March Madness for those who claim it as the best sporting event around is the money they have invested in their office pool. I didn't enter an office pool this year, and I didn't care nearly as much about the tourney as I had in previous years.
It being April 1, I hoped to link to some good April Fool's sites on the web, but nothing in particular jumped out at me. I also didn't have the energy to write a truly good April fool's blog, though I had a few ideas.
The Onion had some amusing headlines:
"Excited Catholics Already LIning Up for Pope's Funeral"
"Man Bitten By Radioactive Sloth Does The Lying-Around-All-Day Of 10 Normal Men"