Rode 39 miles today. It was cold, windy. Riding into the wind sucks. Two guys blew past me down by the lake. The trailing guy said, "Nice paint job."
Got up at 7 a.m. this morning, with a raging headache. I still have a headache. For about two minutes, I felt good though. I was turning the pedals at 95rpm, going about 20, 21 mph, a light breeze at my back.
Most the day, I alternated between lying on my sofa watching the most awesome Cowboy Bebop and reading the "perfect for when you have a raging headache" fiction of Haruki Murakami (The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, perhaps his most accomplished novel).
During one delusional moment, when I passed out cold, I dreamt of the first computer we had in our family, the amazingly cool Osborne 1. It had a monitor the size of a postcard, a
monochrome monitor with green text. I used to write my papers on it, using Wordstar. To this day, I remember that ^K-S was the
command for save. ^K-P was print. Or was it ^Q-S and ^Q-P? Maybe I don't remember after all. We had this daisywheel printer that made my papers looked hand-typed, far more aesthetically pleasing than the crappy dot-matrix printer output of my classmates. Of course, the Osborne didn't allow me to play the educational computer game Oregon Trail. For that you had to be fortunate enough to get a pass to the computer lab from your teacher.
Good news: Cubs first round pick from last year, pitcher Mark Prior of USC, is going to be very good. In a few years, the Cubs are going to very good. David Kelton, Luis Montanez, Bobby Hill, and Hee Seop Choi in the infield. Corey Patteron, Sammy Sosa, and either Roosevelt Brown or Nic Jackson in the outfield. Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Juan Cruz, Ben Christensen, and maybe Carlos Zambrano in the rotation. Kyle Farnsworth and Scott Chiasson in the bullpen. Who knows who behind the plate--there are very few good catchers.
Bad news: Cubs have called up Jeff Shaw to ask him to replace an injured Tom Gordon. Jeff Shaw is overrated.
I love music by Philip Glass. When I'm working at the computer, I fire up this very cool interface created by IBM, the Glass Engine, and pick random clips from his long discography.
Remember Wil Wheaton from Stand by Me? Funny weblog.
William Shatner was all the buzz on weblogs this week because, well, he created his own weblog. Read this excerpt by Captain Kirk about his recent visit to Seattle for, what else, a Trek convention:
"I had a wonderful experience in Seattle a week ago. Lisabeth and I traveled there for a convention, and took the opportunity
before I went on-stage to tour around a bit. We ended up in Pike