My new website mailing list

I just created a new mailing list for my weblog and my website. Subscribe and you'll receive an e-mail each time I publish a new weblog entry. I'll also post to the mailing list anytime I make a significant update or addition to the website.
Many people mention that they are somewhat sheepish to admit they occasionally visit my website. So I've made the subscriber list private. No one will know you're a subscriber.
When I first started visiting other people's websites I had the same feeling of being some type of voyeur. It felt like an illicit activity, or at least one that felt loserly, similar to being one of those chat room junkies in the early days of the Internet. But the fact is, my website is made public because it's intended for public consumption, and it's done more good than bad for me in keeping in touch with lots of people I know but couldn't otherwise update in such a detailed way.
Yes, it's true that some of you (as I've been reminded of over and over again) find out more about day to day events in my life from my weblog than you do from speaking with me. But overall it's a net positive: without my website most of you just wouldn't know what's going on in my life because I'm really busy at work and don't have as much time as I once did to socialize or gab on the phone. Anyway, guys don't gab on the phone. I'm working on it. One of my goals this year is more work/personal life balance.
Until I get there, I enjoy hearing from people who visit my website. Drop me a line, or sign my guestbook, or give me a call. Whoever you are, I probably miss you.