Figure skating

Are there any figure skating duos that aren't also couples off the ice? In what other sport are so many partners also lovers off the playing field? It must be because they have to practice so much together. Most couples I see who are doubles partners are at each other's throats.
Is there any sport more agonizing to watch than women's figure skating? Of all the winter sports, it's the one that I can't bear to miss and can't bear to watch. Maybe because I'm always waiting for someone to fall. Is there any other Olympic sport where the mistakes are so obvious and so frequent? In the long program it seems like the majority of skaters fall or mess up at least once on a jump. You don't see every other downhill skier wipe out or every other luger fall of the luge.
Maybe it's because the skaters all look like they're twelve, and it seems cruel to put such young girls under such pressure. Are figure skaters getting younger? The Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hamill, Nancy Kerrigan, Katarina Witt crowd--what happened to them? Or am I just getting older and everyone looks younger? I have to think that it is a sport for the young. You want to be young enough to not feel the pressure, and just old enough to have enough experience to know what you need to do.
The free skate competition was the highlight of the Winter Olympics tonight. Sarah Hughes was amazing and deserving of the gold. Poor Michelle--I think the pressure got to her, and it's a shame that someone who has been so good for so long couldn't add a gold medal to her accomplishments.
The rules for Olympic eligibility should be revised. Why are professionals playing in ice hockey and yet Tara and Kristi aren't here competing in figure skating? That's the only way they could have improved on this evening.