More flavor?

Supposedly, Wrigley gum modified Big Red in late 2000 to make its cinnamon flavor more intense and longer lasting. I haven't chewed any Wrigley gum in years. Can anyone confirm that? Come to think of it, I rarely chew gum anymore. I wonder why. Do kids still chew gum? Looking at myself, I'd think the chewing gum industry was shrinking in a big way. All the gums today seem to be sugar-free, teeth-cleansing, healthy gums. When I was young, I was all about the massive piece of gum with a liquid sugar gel center that would probably rot your teeth right off, or a giant pack of shredded Big League Chew that I carried in the back pocket of my baseball jersey.
One of my resolutions for 2002: give up sugar substitutes. No more diet soda. Those sugar substitutes are a bad idea. They give lab rats cancer, and I'm not a lab rat, but I'll ride my bike an extra ten minutes to shed the sugar from real soda.