Top search terms

Last week, here are some search terms entered in two search engines that drove traffic to my site:
3: naked boys
1: skywalker
1: encore patch windows xp
1: women wearing sexy shoes
1: +"vanilla sky" +soundtrack
1: +skinnydip1.jpg
1: stripping naked
1: adobe premiere 6 crack
1: +"lord of the rings" +blooper +car
6: res://c:\winnt\system32\shdoclc.dll/preview.dlg
3: "halle berry" and "bootleg"
2: photos of dr. sleep movie= goran visnjic
2: follow+unicornio
2: shdoclc.dll/preview.dlg
2: netflix case study
2: a knight's tale movie poem
2: "brotherhood of the wolf" shot on hd
2: eugene wei
1: teaching english in nerja spain
What it tells me is AltaVista really is a crappier search engine than Google. Seriously. I have no idea how some of those search terms would lead to my site.
"women wearing sexy shoes"?!? "naked boys"?!? Seriously, I'm running the wrong kind of site. I sense a big business opportunity. I should run pop-up windows featuring Netflix ads or all those other silly ads that I close without even glancing at what it is I'm closing. The proliferation of pop-ups must be causing, in aggregate, a lot more mouse clicks across the world. Which means more carpal tunnel syndrome, more health insurance claims...the costs of pop-ups is larger than we think.