Death to telemarketers!

This is a clever idea to put telemarketers out of business.
Today, I usually pick up the phone and can tell immediately it's a telemarketer. There's no immediate answer when I say "Hello?" because autodialer on the other end is dialing up 10 numbers and guessing that only a fraction will answer, so no operator is immediately available to speak with me. So I hang up. The other tell-tale sign is when someone asks for me by my full name and butchers my last name. Then I tell them that the person they're looking for left the country to do soul-searching on a remote island off the coast of South America and doesn't intent to return.
Having a cell phone helps, because I can assume most of the calls on my home phone are from phone solicitors. Essentially my home phone number is like my Hotmail e-mail account--it's a junk collection repository, a fake identity of sorts. Seems sad that we have to resort to that at all, doesn't it?
So I'm going to try this Hold On Please idea instead and try and raise the cost structure for a few telemarketers.