They should take some of those thieving Enron executives out back to the shed and put a belt to them. One reason to have friends with high standards and children to parent is that you shouldn't be able to look yourself in the mirror if you commit crimes against humanity.
White collar crimes like corporate fraud and deceit don't evoke the same visceral disgust as crimes like murder, but these Enron execs have caused a world of hurt, for their employees, in the economy, in the stock market... They have people questioning the accounting practices of all sorts of companies, even those who are honest about their numbers. Shame on them. They should spend the rest of their free lives serving humanity, or we should banish them to some other country. Instead, they're getting bonuses that add up to more than most honest people would make in several lifetimes. And some of them are getting jobs again? How do you hire one of those execs in good conscience?
I watched some footage of their appearance before Congress. Smug bastards. If I'm driving and I see one of them crossing the road it will be a miracle if I miss.