Jordan was being guarded by Peja of the Kings the other day, and Jordan pulled the old palm the ball in the right hand, draw a huge circle in the air with the ball to show the defender you're in control, then step up and hit the jumper in his face. Sweet.
Jordan has been very successful in his comeback, proving his doubters wrong yet again. The only big problem I spot in his game is a loss of quickness and occasional flatness in his jump shot. He's still strong and offensively capable, using an assortment of fakes and moves to get his shots off. He's not able to take over games as he once did, but he's a leader.
The thing about Jordan as a guard is his strength. Probably the only player in the league today who physically resembles Jordan is Vince Carter. Big ups, very strong, good jump shot. Kobe has Jordan's fade away and jump shot but lacks Jordan's strength. Same with T-Mac. But Carter takes too many jump shots. He needs to be fearless, like Jordan, to take it to the hole. And he needs better footwork and desire on defense.
Kobe is the closest to Jordan in terms of PR saavy. Makes sure he comes off as likable, maximizing his endorsement appeal. This is in contrast to his teammate Shaq, who is probably one of the most dislikable dudes in the NBA. He's a terrible interview and seems like a petulant kid. Vince is all frowns. He should smile a little more off court. Kobe looks like he's having fun playing hoops. Vince and Shaq look like they're trying to prove something to someone who insulted them.