Congratulations Rich

Old roommate Rich is engaged to Christina! Smiles all around.
Alan and Sharon's baby, Dan and Lori, Rich and's a happy holiday season where love is in the air.

Indian party at the HOB

Went with Karen, Mike, and Joannie to an Indian party at the House of Blues tonight. We didn't know it was an Indian party until we arrived. We were headed there to see Karen's old college dance group perform.
What do the Indian-American youth enjoy? The same thing other party kids do: hip hop and mixed drinks. It was fun to hear some Indian music mixed by a DJ, and not so fun to realize that lame DJs dance around on stage at these parties as well, trying to rile up the crowd by shouting, "All the motherf***ing Punjabis in the house, let's hear some motherf***ing noise!!!"

Scene it anywhere?

This movie trivia board game with some questions requiring footage from a DVD is turning out to be really hard to find. It's only carried by Nordstrom and Toys R Us/, and I've tried 3 Nordstrom stores and it's sold out at every one. Amazon finally has it back in stock but it's too late to ship for the holidays, when you can play with your family. I'm not even sure it's all that fun, but when you can't find something after several moderate attempts, it gains an allure which is entirely disproportionate to its actual value.