Notes from family time

Something my sisters pointed out and which I've realized is true: have you ever played in a Pictionary game that hasn't resulted in a few heated arguments? Everyone's cut throat when it comes to that game. It's to the point where I don't think it's worth playing with family and friends.
Joannie and Mike's new condo is huge!
Everytime my sisters and I see each other it's like we're all 15 years old again. We still call each other "dork" all the time--it's our favorite word. And we're still too chicken to really flip each other the bird so we're always flipping each other the ring finger. Sometimes I think we'll be doing this even when we have kids of our own and we'll be like those embarassing hippy parents who are less mature than their kids.


I lost in Scrabble to Karen tonight because I challenged her on the word "ow." I'm sorry, but that is not a word. According to the official Scrabble dictionary which my dad bought me in 1983, it is a word. It's an exclamation of pain. Huh? More like "ouch" to me.

The weather outside is frightful

It was fairly mild when I arrived at the airport yesterday, so I was actually quite happy to see the snow falling this morning. Whoooooo-eeee! It's cold out there.


The new PIN for my dial-up account on my laptop was on a post-it note, and that note fell off my computer sometime in the last few weeks. So I go to dial into work this morning and I enter my old PIN several times in a row, and the computer rejects me each time and finally locks me out altogether. So the rest of my trip, I can't dial into my work account.
Typical male, I am. Won't take no for an answer from the computer so I enter the same PIN over and over, like a bird trying to fly through a glass window and bouncing off of it like a dodo (I love that Far Side where a dinosaur is lecturing to an entire room of dinosaurs. "Bad news folks: the earth is warming, food supplies are dwindling, and we all have brains the size of a walnut.").