See what?

I'm always intrigued by movies that draw a sharply polarized critical response. Solaris and Femme Fatale are two notable examples.
Bill gave me a copy of the DVD of Tarkovsky's version of Solaris--any movie that spans two DVDs is intimidating to even contemplate. I definitely think I'll need to be in a meditative mood to absorb it, and right now is not that time. But it's a movie about loss, and how we know if other people are real, and those are interesting questions.
Meanwhile, I don't think I'll make it out to see Femme Fatale because anyone you ask to go see that movie thinks it's some soft porn film. The fact that it stars Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in a variety of skimp outfits doesn't help. Man, doesn't anyone in this generation know who Brian de Palma is? Oh well, I guess it's a rental.