The kid can play

Caught some Lebron James action from his high school hoops game, televised on ESPN2 tonight. Let's run down the resume.
He's got Jordan's cell phone number, and Jordan invited him to scrimmage over the summer. He's 17 years old, 6 foot 8, 240 lbs. What do they eat there in Akron Ohio? He's the consensus number one pick in the NBA next year (has his voice cracked yet?). He's on the cover of ESPN magazine, and he's been on the cover of Sports Illustrated. NBA professionals fly out to Ohio to watch him play. His high school sells tickets to his games for $35 each. He led his team to an upset of the number one team in the country tonight, beating them by twenty.
Watching him play tonight, I think it's safe to say, the kid can play. I saw Shaq play in college in the NCAA's when he was at LSU, and I saw Kevin Garnett play in the Illinois High School Association playoffs when he was at Farragut. Lebron's better than they were at that age. That behind the back pass in transition between two defenders tonight? Insane. His signature move is skying high to grab the board over everybody, turning and starting the break, and before he crosses half court, threading a long bounce pass between a few defenders and hitting a breaking guard in full stride for the layup. Pretty, pretty.
He's a bit of a showboat on defense, always going for the steal, so let's see if he can stay hungry. I always think one of the reasons Jordan was so great was that he just had this huge competitive chip on his shoulder and constantly improved fundamentally with the sole goal of dominating his competition. Maybe it was because he was cut in high school. Who knows? Lebron has so much at this's easy to lose your edge when the world opens its vaults to you.
I keep in my head a set of four or five memories. Slights against myself. Losses. Times when I was passed over for this or that. Mistakes I've made. It's the easiest way to motivate myself, to live in this angry place where the sun doesn't shine and my blood races.
I should spend my leave seeing if I can be Lebron James' agent. It could be a variation on the Jerry Maguire story. I help Lebron harness his talent, steer him clear of trouble. He teaches me a thing or two about, mmm, I'm not sure. Something.