Gollum's Song

Geeks everywhere are counting down the days, not to Christmas, but to Dec. 18, when Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers opens in thousands of theaters across the country. The soundtrack will go on sale 12/10; there's an exclusive limited edition version of the soundtrack only available over the Internet now for $30. At the soundtrack site you can also download one of the tracks, Gollum's Song, in Windows Media Format. The orchestral portions of the track sound very promising, though Emiliana Torrini's vocals are grating. What, was Enya booked, or did they want someone that sounded like a female Gollum to do the title justice?
BTW, tickets are on sale for opening night of The Two Towers already at Movietickets.com. The fabulous Cinerama posted their showtimes yesterday or today. The midnight showing opening day is sold out, so I grabbed a whole bunch of tickets for my team and coworkers for the 7:45am showing. I think I may also attend the Northwest premier charity screening on Dec. 16, though, as a Christmas gift to myself. Have I been naughty or nice this year? It's hard to tell. But it is for charity--I think it's for the Cascades Conservation. Hell, I like trees, and it's tax deductible.