Marge's boob job

The Simpsons were in rare form tonight. Marge got an inadvertent boob job and everyone started treating her extra special. She's driving back from the plastic surgery clinic with Maggie in the passenger seat, and Who Let the Dogs Out is playing on the radio. And next week, the Simpsons spoof The Osbournes and reality TV.
BTW, the best new TV title sequence music is from Michael Mann's Robbery Homicide Division.
I've been exhausted all weekend. It doesn't take much to throw off my sleep cycle anymore, and it takes a lot to get it back. Still, I did manage to catch up with lots of people this weekend as I slowly crawl out of hermit status.

Holiday shopper's guide Part 1

Some ideas for things to get those special people in your life this holiday season, because being a classy gift-giver requires simply some sage guidance and a Visa. Some of this I've read about, some is just personal opinion. I think all this stuff is available online--I refuse to fight for holiday parking anymore and neither should you. Spend that time with those special people instead.
What do you all suggest as good gifts for this holiday season? Help educate so that we all end up with stuff that doesn't need to be returned, which means driving to a store, depleting fossil fuels and polluting the environment.
Ah, I can't wait for the holidays, when the mouths of my friends and family are filled with pretty lies and their arms bear gifts.

What's better

That's a question, not a statement. I was glad to see Large Marge (scary trucker lady face from Pee Wee's Big Adventure) kicking Kroger's butt.

Sniff, sniff--"Hey, do you smell something burning?"

What does it say about bloggers and their sense of humor that 3 of the top 10 most linked to stories in weblogs today were about this guy who burned his, umm, member with a laptop. Let me note that I write this on my laptop which is resting on my lap, but with a protective piece of cardboard to separate titanium from skin.