Writer's bonk

Who said writing isn't an endurance sport requiring peak physical conditioning? I'm trying to write right now, after another long day at the office, and because I'm exhausted, I can't do it. Can't summon one coherent, interesting, thought. These days I just can't function well without sufficient sleep. Work, work out, go out, write--if my body ain't startin', it ain't departin' to borrow a line from Gary Templeton. Contrast this with my college days when I had to try to do everything on as little sleep as possible, just to prove a point. That point being, I am a golden god.
Most successful writers know their bodies and when they can produce the best material. Throw out all those ridiculous romantic notions of writers on drugs and alcohol, cranking out 50 pages at a time in the middle of the night when hit with a creative snap. Most successful writers I know do their best work at the same time each day, with their minds clear and fresh. I've written while intoxicated, and I've read some of the stuff I've producd in that state. The only person who found it interesting and creative was me, but only while I was intoxicated.
In my last three years at Amazon, I think this past week was the longest work week I've had. And tomorrow morning it starts up again with a 9am conference call.

Thank you Dorothy Boyd

Mitch Lawrence of ESPN looks like Tom Cruise's country bumpkin brother. Wilbur Cruise or something.