Congrats... Joannie, Keila, and Emily for completing the Chicago marathon. Studs all around.
Meanwhile, I'm locked in my own personal marathon at work. All my days are melding together in a haze of meetings, e-mail, phone calls, and frantic strategizing. I think I'm at mile 20, but I can't tell. I know I'm close to hitting the wall, but maybe I'm not. I've lost touch with the world. It's just a two way road from the office to my bed and back. I didn't think I had more of these in me after five years, but the new folks on my team have been inspiring in their dedication, and at a certain point in every project you enter a trance where you just lock onto that marker in distance and it's all you think about.
All of you whose e-mails and phone calls have gone unreturned, know that I am alive. My captors have not harmed me and are treating me well. Send pictures of your new kids, dogs, houses, etc. And food.

BMW Films, Part II

The trailer for the first of the new series of 3 BMW Films is online now. Only for people with fat pipes and massive hard drives.
The first set of these shorts were a lot of fun, though likely not nearly as fun as driving a souped-up BMW at Seattle International Raceway. Someday.