Shock jocks

Mornings right now are brutal because my right shoulder, which I separated in the bike accident, is so stiff after a long night of inactivity. I never realized how important the shoulder is in so many movements until now. I was lying there trying to roll myself over and up out of bed without using my right arm; basically, I was stuck.
On popped my radio alarm clock, and it was some shock jock engaged in a heated debate with some caller. And, I'm not making any of this up, this is the conversation they were having:
Jock (shouting): Next time I see a cyclist in the road, I'm running him over! GET OUT OF THE ROAD! I'm so sick of these damn cyclists!
Caller: Cyclists should be treated like cars. You should wait until it's clear to pass.
Jock (shouting): Cyclists are two-wheeled wimps. They are not the same as cars. Get on the sidewalk. Get out of the road. I'm so sick of cyclists while driving in Capitol Hill.
Caller: You're stupid.
Jock (shouting): I'm stupid?! I'm stupid?! You're an idiot. I see you on the road, I'm running you over.
Caller: How about I come over there and beat you up.
Jock (shouting): You want to come beat me up? Come on in. I'll kick your ass.

I'm not sure what radio station it was, but it was the same guy I've listened to on the radio every morning since I got to Seattle. Basically, with my cheap clock radio, I'm relegated to leaving it on the one radio station I get good reception on, or using the BEEP-BEEP-BEEP heart-attack-inducing siren that all alarm clocks are loaded with at the factory. This guy is a moron (so was the caller, but given my bike incident, I was locked on the DJ). I wanted to head over to the radio station and throttle the guy with his headphone cord.
Seriously, 95% of radio station shock jocks are simple-minded monkeys intended to boost radio interest through their controversial, inflammatory rhetoric. Like sports radio hosts who don't know the first thing about sports. They sit in the studios, behind the glass, insulated from all human contact like a circus freak, shouting at callers through microphones from their cells, making prank phone calls to random people for kicks. Why do we have to put up with these idiots?
On my way home from work late tonight, a prostitute was standing in the road near the intersection of Massachusetts and Rainier. I stopped because I thought she was crossing the street, but she didn't move. Instead, she made hand gestures and asked if she could get in the car. I waved her off and drove around her, and she started cursing at me using language not suitable for my PG-13 blog.
Fortunately, in between the morning and the evening, I was at the office where most of my coworkers were sane.

I saw my first Segway rider in public today. Some guy cruised by as I drove to work this morning. It was a rough neighborhood, too. I guess he wasn't too worried about getting Segway-jacked in broad daylight.
I look forward to the day when a healthy Segway after-market of parts and modifications exist so that people can lower their Segways, add chrome hubs, neon highlights, and 400 watt subwoofers. Well, I don't look forward to it, but you know what I mean...never mind.