I put the plastic screen over my TV, so now I have to watch TV with all the light outs, otherwise the reflections in the screen distract me. With the screen on, and in the dark, the picture just looks better.
So tonight I lit a few candles I received for Xmas while watching The West Wing, and during a commercial I looked up and saw the shadow of a figure with his arms raised overhead stretched all the way across the ceiling. It was the shadow cast by a statue of a man with arms raised high, in triumph, I think. I bought it in Africa. In the shadow, though, it looks as if the guy is jumping me. Or perhaps he has his arms raised in surrender, as if I've drawn a gun on him. I can't tell.
Josh Lyman gets the girl in tonight's episode. I was following him carefully all episode. He makes up an excuse to go see Amy (played by Mary Louise Parker), she sees right through it, he starts to stammer through a speech about how he never learned what to do next after he started to like someone, so on and so forth, and then she kisses him. What? Is anyone that lucky? And what did Mary Louise Parker do to her hair? She turned into a babe. I am very depressed I never saw her in the New York performance of Proof. Yet another reason I should move to New York City.
David Chase needs to get his act together. No more Sopranos until Sept? Sheesh. Aaron Sorkin is coked up half the time and he's managing to crank out episodes every week. Now I just have 24 and The West Wing to watch on TV each week.
The Michael Jackson special is on in the background. That guy can flat out sing and dance. His duet with Britney makes her sound like a backup singer. Why'd he have to go and cut up his face? Before I die, I hope I get to see Michael Jackson and Madonna in concert. I think the only music acts I can remember that were hot when I was in grade school and still hot today are Michael Jackson, Madonna, and U2. Well, R.E.M. is still around, but I have no idea what they're up to.
Michelle is in town from HBS this weekend, interviewing with Amazon. We're going to head up to the house at Whistler with some of her classmates. My lack of a big car with four wheel drive finally catches up with me. I really should swap with Bill and give him the babemobile this weekend. Oh wait, he doesn't need it anymore.
I haven't seen Michelle for I'm not sure how long. It's strange, though. A few e-mails back and forth and it's like we're at Stanford again, prowling the dorm halls in our bathrobes and slippers, working on problem sets.
Mark and Howie have new flames at Andersen. I'm convinced it's all about volume and density, supply and demand.
I'm babbling on about nothing. I just enjoy typing on my Mac laptop. I always feel like I'm one of those movie hackers when I type on laptops. Cuz you know, in the movies, to break into some secure computer system, you just have to type really really fast on a laptop. Another thing I love about the movies? When someone writes something ingenious, it only takes another character a quick skim through the pages to determine that yes, it's ingenious. Like in A Beautiful Mind, when John Nash brings his work on game theory to the math chair at Princeton. He flips through about 140 pages in about 15 seconds and pronounces, "You realize this flies in the face of 150 years of thinking." Or something like that.
And class is always so short in the movies. Classroom scenes in movies always go one of a few ways:
1. The scene starts near the end of class. The teacher is talking and mid-sentence the bell rings and students start piling out. Meanwhile, the teacher is trying to shout out the homework assignment.
2. The scene starts at the beginning of class but the entire class ends about 5 minutes later. It's the 5 minute class period.
I haven't given up on my novel. I spent an hour tapping away tonight. I'll finish that damn thing this year.
Billy Jean, that's my lover...Billy Jean, that's my lover...she's just a girl...she says I am the one...