Lord of the Rings DVDs

From Comingsoon.net:
The Evening Post spoke to Peter Jackson about the highly-anticipated "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" DVD. Debunking rumors that there would be a 4-hour long version of the film, the director says that a DVD will be released in August, with a Special Edition to follow in November.
"I don't really want to call it the director's cut," he said about the Special Edition which will include an extra 30 minutes of footage not seen in the three-hour big screen version.
The extra footage wouldn't mean more blood and gore as some "Lord of the Rings" fans had speculated. "It's all drama. There is this thing on the Net about all this gory stuff I was supposed to have shot, but I didn't," Jackson adds. "We were going for a (censor's rating) of PG13 and you can't waste time shooting stuff that you know is going to get cut. It will tee everybody up before the release of The Two Towers (in December)."
The special edition DVD is also likely to include the first part of a documentary by Wellington film maker Costa Botes on the making of the $650 million project.

Always a bummer, in my opinion, to make people who are willing to shell out for the special edition wait a longer period of time to receive their copy of the DVD. Basically, it's a ploy to try and get those folks to buy both DVDs, because in this case they have plenty of time to finish and release both DVDs at the same time.