A web-based game in which you try and type in two words
in the Google search engine and return exactly one search result. Harder than you think. I type in "plasma goulash" and got 130 results, including a web page that included these lines: "... This feedback never arrived as the plasma storm disabled all communications from ... surface and in the corona. The goulash of forces interacting constantly in ..."
"Goulash of forces"?!?
It reminds of this game Jenny sent me an e-mail about, a derivation of the Kevin Bacon game in which you're given the name of two movie stars. You have to navigate from the page of a movie which stars one of the stars to the page of a movie including the other star by using only the "People who bought this also bought this" links.
The people who devise these games obviously have a bit too much free time. But it's also another way in which the web is a fun, ever-evolving resource.