I watch a show like Real World or Project Greenlight and think that any event can be edited to look dramatic, riveting. Life is a series of conflicts, and good editors just remove all the other parts.
I had a dream that was like Bonfire of the Vanities. I'm driving along with someone, maybe one of my sisters, at night. A crazy homeless guy runs in the path of my car. He wants money? To rob us? I jump out of the car, tell him to move. He attacks me. I defend myself, start punching him, and soon I've beaten him senseless. Flash forward. I'm arrested. I'm in court, trying to defend myself. How could I break the jaw of a poor homeless bum? I wish I had written down more of the dream this morning, when I still remembered it.
Rich pointed this out to me: next time the Garth Brooks commercial for Dr. Pepper comes on, watch carefully. There's a crazy old man wearing a red jumpsuit in the musical band that Brooks plays with in the commercial. That guy is off to the right side of the TV screen. He looks like a cross between Albert Einstein and Colonel Sanders, and he's bopping around like a freakshow. What is up with that guy? Why is he in the commercial? Why is he holding a newspaper?