28 I've realized that the


I've realized that the only way to keep my office warm is to
keep the door shut to lessen the draft from my porous
window. Probably something to do with pressure and
temperature differences. It feels like I'm working in a frozen
Today marked the completion of my 28th year of inhabiting
this mortal coil. Coincidentally, I also completed my 500th
workunit for SETI@home, which equates to .59 years of
computer time I've devoted to the search for intelligent life
in this universe.
Birthdays in the mid-twenties all blur together. The most
remarkable thing about them is how many people actually
remember when it is. Some people remind other people,
but others, people who live hundreds of miles away,
or people in elevators, will wish you a happy birthday.
What else happened on my birthday? Well, the morning
after, Amazon.com announced its first quarter of pro forma
net profitability
. Finally, people can stop cracking jokes
about Amazon being unprofitable, or worrying that we'll
go bankrupt. That got old a long time ago.
Spielberg announced that he will produce Indiana Jones 4
starring Harrison Ford and Spielberg's wife Kate Capshaw.