China Forbes and me

Bean took me to the Pink Martini concert at the Showbox for my birthday. We met up with Wazi and Matt. After suffering through Black Angel, an opening act that never really opened, Pink Martini came on and I spent the rest of the night smiling and singing and dancing. I decided that they're the first choice to play at my wedding. Pure sugar. Anyone who can't have fun at a concert like that is dead to this world.
The best part? Lead singer China Forbes sang a song named Eugene, about a guy she met at a party in New York City, a guy who asked for her number, made out with her, and never called her. A guy named Eugene, with a skinhead friend. I'm trying to remember the whole incident. Maybe I was in NYC with Scott after he lost that bet to Dan and had to shave his head? He looked like a skinhead back then.
The second best part? I thought they'd close the concert with Brazil. Turns out that I was right, though it was the last song of their encore. Wazi claims it was because she and Bean
kept shouting for the song (on my behalf). That sounds good to me.
They certainly played enough amazing material to come out with a second CD, but until they do, pick up your copy of Sympathique post haste. Your next cocktail party is guaranteed to be a hit.