It's incredible, Amazon has now

It's incredible, Amazon has now collected over $580,000 for the Red Cross. That's in just over 12 hours.
Found this in an article at the Chicago Tribune:
"Once on a plane, access to the cockpit is not as difficult as some passengers may think. Cockpit doors in U.S. jetliners are designed to be easily broken down in case a pilot is incapacitated or there is other emergency.
"It has to be unjammable and it has to be able to be opened from both inside and outside the cockpit in case the flight crew became unconscious," said Mary Jean Olsen, a spokeswoman for Boeing Co.
What this means, as American Airlines Capt. Bruce Killips noted, is that "just about anybody intent on getting into the cockpit could."

George Bush's first speech last night did not impress me. His demeanor was not comforting--he seemed worn, timid, a bit distraught. A president needs to express sorrow but also strength in a situation like that. This morning he seemed stronger. Still, he lacks a commanding presence when he speaks. I can feel his grief, but I also want him to stand tall, to fill the shoes he fought to wear.