I've been fighting back tears

I've been fighting back tears all day. That's not normal for me. But then I see things lik this image of a person who jumped or was thrown from tens of stories in the air, from the World Trade Center, to his or her death, and my heart cramps--I want vengeance.
Can you fight a terrorist without being one yourself? They say terrorism is the tactic of the weak. What, then, is the method of the strong?
We clearly have much to learn when an event like this can inspire some in the world to celebrate.
The moral dilemna played out: if you knew that one of those airplanes was headed for the White House, or the World
Trade Center, would you shoot it down? Was that what happened to the United flight that crashed in Pennsylvania?
A survey of coverage from around the web:
Transcript of George Bush's speech
The most popular news outlets:NYTimes, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post
Some non-conventional news outlets: Stratfor, Slashdot, Wired, CNET
Interesting interview with terrorism expert Jim Walsh.
The most horrific footageof the second plane crash--shows the plane hitting the building head on.
Barbara Olson was aboard the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. She and other passengers were ordered to phone their relatives to inform them they were about to die. Olson was not even supposed to be on that flight, but it was her husband's birthday today and she wanted to be there to have breakfast with him in the morning. As mentioned in the article, flight attendants know not to allow anyone in the cockpit in the event of a highjacking. We may never know what happened on those planes.
CTO of Akamai was killed in the Boston to Los Angeles American Airlines flight that hit the World Trade Center.
Companies occupying Tower 1 of the World Trade Center
Companies occupying Tower 2 of the World Trade Center
US Government strongly suspects Osana bin Laden. In this same article, a dropdown box halfway down the page includes details of many failed acts of terrorism by Osana bin Laden. Even if it turns out it wasn't bin Laden, his image has been branded in the public image, and it will be hard for him to continue to evade capture.
A comprehensive compilation of images, including one of George
Bush being informed of the incident as he read to a class of 2nd graders in Florida.
Colin Powell: "A great, great tragedy has befallen my nation..."
An explanation of airport security at How Stuff Works.
A more skeptical view of airport security at Cryptome.
An odd and disturbing coincidence--this album cover by the hip hop band The Coup pictures the WTC Towers exploding in similar locations to today's tragedy.
In July, the New Yorker published an article by Jeffrey Goldberg titled The Martyr Strategy: What Does the New Phase of Terrorism Signify? Various transcripts of the article have been posted all over the web.
Comdisco flooded with calls about IT disasters.
Some are reporting that gas prices have skyrocketed.
Some thoughts from engineers on Slashdot about why the WTC towers collapsed.
Even X10 suspended its pop-under ads.