Coming Around

What a fun wedding!
Saturday, Greg and Kristin tied the knot against the backdrop of Mount Hood in Oregon. Forgot popcorn flicks, this was the crowd-pleasing event of the summer thus far. I'm too exhausted (not to mention staggered by some residual intoxication) to write too much, but some highlights:
--Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood was a great place for the wedding. Plenty to do for guests while awaiting official events, and what a beautiful backdrop. I went hiking, mountain biking, star-gazing.
--Very short ceremony. I'm not against long ceremonies, but long religious ceremonies tend to lose me. Don't obscure the point of the gig, which is to share the love of groom and bride with all.
--All star lineup of bridesmaids. Hubba hubba (oops, did I write that? Symptom of the unfreezing process, or perhaps the 6000 foot altitude at Mount Hood).
--Lots of fun folks, who wanted to dance, and good music from Kevin and Pete. I hate wedding where the music is lousy, and the dancing ends early. Kristin, being the dancing machine that she us, didn't let us down, switching to white sneakers beneath her wedding dress to close down the dance floor.
--Lots of fun, young folks. Lots of familiar faces, and just enough unfamiliar ones.
--Good weather, good food, and an open bar. At the end of the night, I single-handedly rescued many an orphaned drink. I had an altitude-amplified hangover which a heart-bursting climb up the mountain on my mountain bike pumped out of my system.
And of course, Greg and Kristin are cool people. Greg is just a good guy, and Kristin is just cool. Before her many knee
surgeries, she was very fast. Ranked in the country in the 100m dash, I think, and then she played soccer at UConn. Now that's cool.
Brought the big lens, so hopefully I'll have some good shots to post soon. Wish I had some color film in the camera to capture some of the scenery, but black and white for weddings seems appropriate, timeless.
Passing out.