the slob

I usually don't pay much attention to best dressed lists, but I liked how this one characterized the each of the top 10 with a character archetype.
EILIDH MacASKILL, fashion editor for Britain's DAILY EXPRESS newspaper, controversially omits style icons VICTORIA BECKHAM and LIZ HURLEY from the list, but justifies her choices by associating each star with an archetype.
The list reads:
1 KATE MOSS - the icon
2 CHLOE SEVIGNY - the independent
3 CATE BLANCHETT - the sophisticate
4 SARAH JESSICA PARKER - the label freak
5 PENELOPE CRUZ - the starlet
6 CAMERON DIAZ - the LA casual
7 SOFIA COPPOLA - the muse
8 RENEE ZELLWEGER - the vintage revivalist
9 CATHERINE ZETA JONES - the old-time glamour gal
10 SHARLEEN SPITERI - the tomboy

I should do that for my friends.