The Bothers

Now, I love, but the ads it plasters all over the place are driving me nuts. Today, a giant ad for O popped up as if it was painted on top of the site. Of course, my idiotic reaction was to try and click on it to make it go away, popping open another browser window for the movie O. That really pissed me off in a way that only a computer can (like when your PC crashes while you're writing a paper and you haven't saved your work in a while).
When more than a few sources worth listening to buzz about the same thing, my ears perk up. Roger Ebert, Bean, and Memepool all sing the praises of Waking Life. Heard about it from the film fest circuit, and now the trailer is here, and damn if it isn't one of the
coolest trailers I've seen in a long time. In fact, my only complaint about the movie is the official website pops open about fifty browser windows on my computer. Pop under ads, especially X10 and credit card interest rate pop under ads, are driving me insane. I'm about to disable Javascript on my browser just to get rid of those damn things. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Leave me alone!
Just saw The Others, which was a fairly clever haunted house mystery suspense film. I won't discuss the movie, as I think half the fun in seeing it is trying to figure out what's going on, why things are going bump in the night. Strange that the official website is in Spanish (yes, the director is Spanish, but it's an English film). If they made this film about the web, the ghosts haunting us all would be those damn pop under ads. Someone out there needs to invent a free program that prevents X10 pop under ads from displaying on everyone's computers. Maybe Norton Antivirus can classify it as a virus and add an inoculation. I've seen software to prevent those pop unders, but it's not free. I deserve a pop-free web experience, damn it!