Unseal, mix, consume

This, from the AP wire:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A minor-league team fired its sound-effects operator when he ignored warnings and played "Kung Fu Fighting" to try to upset South Korean batter Hee Seop Choi of the Iowa Cubs.
The Triple-A Nashville Sounds fired Brian Kirsch on Monday after Iowa general manager Sam Bernabe called the front office and complained.
Kirsch previously had played David Bowie's "China Girl" before another of Choi's at-bats earlier in the same weekend series.
Kirsh had been warned by fellow employees about going too far, said Chris Douglas, the Sounds' director of operations.
"He should've known better," Douglas said Wednesday. "As soon as it was brought to my attention, he was fired. The Nashville Sounds do not condone in any way, shape or fashion anything that goes against someone's beliefs, ethnicity or religion."
Kirsh was in his first year with the Sounds. He said the music choice was a matter of personal opinion.
"I don't know that that was any more offensive to him than anything else I've played for any of the other guys," Kirsch told The Tennessean. "My wife is from Thailand. My job was to push the envelope, unbalance the other team and entertain the crowd. I don't regret anything I did."

So this guys defense consists of "my wife is from Thailand"? Oh dear. The ironic thing is, Choi, who is still learning English, probably didn't even get the joke. His manager was probably more offended than he was.
Spent most of the day in Los Angeles on a business trip today. A day of airline meals, dried sandwiches suffocated in cellophane, cheesecake in the shape of a bar, potato salad in a cup, sealed under a foil lid. All the food, dry as can be. Then the drink truck comes along, with liquid to help you wash that dry food down.