Happy birthday Karen

It's Karen's birthday today. Happy birthday! Now get off the phone so I can wish you a happy birthday.
Ken and his friend Dan were in town all weekend, and the weather was perfect for their Seattle visit. Hadn't seen Ken in a while, and found out he's running the Chicago marathon. If only I'd known a bit earlier, I probably would've tried to run it with him. As it is, maybe I can make it back to accompany him the last 5 or 6 miles. That would be fun to train for. His resting heart rate is down to 48. I'm jealous.
Dan has a story to tell, too. He fell out of one of those hydraulic lifts while working a construction job. Four stories. He barely remembers any of it but did some serious damage. Ankle? Mangled. Femur punched through his pelvis. Torn ligaments in his arm. Crazy stuff. At the time he was training for a half ironman. They left this morning and are off to Yellowstone. They've been driving all over the country, having started in Chicago. I'd love to just hop in my car and trek off to see the country, too.
Read this in IMDb news today:
Tyra Banks is heading off to camp in the rugged mountains above Los Angeles - to boost the self-esteem of hordes of teenage girls. The supermodel-turned-actress will take 80 girls with her on the TZone retreat to address such issues as gender stereotyping, insecurities, self-esteem and relationships with the opposite sex. The retreat, which Tyra founded, is currently in its second year, and she now aims to expand to cities across the country. She says, "Last year I paid all the costs myself. This year there were a few donations, plus the $125,000 I won for TZone on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has helped a lot. I've been so fortunate in my life, I'm anxious to help other girls. During our week-long sessions at camp, I tell them about everything from the use of make-up to the handling of hardships. Once I had a growth spurt of four inches and lost 40 pounds without dieting. I was laughed at and ridiculed. It's not politically incorrect to make skinny jokes - and for two or three years it was tough on me."
Not to knock the girl for lending a hand, but I'm not sure that story came off the way she would've wanted it to. Or maybe it's just me.
Cubbies dropped out of first place. =( Don Baylor is a lousy manager. He loves to criticize his players through the press. I'd hate to have him as my manager. Talk to me face to face. Don't spout off to a reporter. That's lousy.
You know what the problem with online news clips is? There are never any pictures. I wonder why.
Ars posted a thorough review of the new Microsoft Office XP. Enough cool new features to make me hope that they'll upgrade us to it at work, but also enough to make me realize I could never justify paying several hundred bucks for it to use at home. It's not that much better than Office 2000.
Saw the Gipsy Kings at Chateau Ste Michelle (a winery) on Saturday night. Had a great time with a big crew, lots of wine, and some good food, but I must say, for $60 GK should have played a longer set. They came on a bit after 7, and played until about 9, but took a long intermission in the middle. And when's the last time they wrote any new music? If they come again next year I may have to pass. Unless they bring Madonna or Britney Spears along with them for some duets.
Got on my bike again for the first time since RAMROD. Took Dan for a ride around Mercer. Got another flat about 5 minutes out on the road. I'm ditching the Vittoria tire I have in back. That thing flats like crazy. My butt hurt--I do not think it enjoyed its reunion with the saddle.