Temporarily out of service

My cable modem at home has been down the past couple of days, and getting the cable company to fix the service is no easier than getting them to fix cable TV service. So I haven't been touching my website for a few days. Never have time to blog from work, and I'm too impatient to log in with my work laptop from home. I've gotten used to having my home PC always on, and with a cable modem you're always connected to the net at high speeds. Logging in with a modem off a laptop is so 1999.
I would complain, but then you read a story about All Pro offensive lineman Korey Stringer dying from complications from heat stroke during training camp and you count yourself lucky to be alive and kicking. Go hug someone today.
I'll be back up with blogging and the website in a few days, hopefully, if the cable company gets their act together.