Super D

D (Derek) is in town for a visit today and tomorrow. We tried to get tickets to the Mariners game tonight but it was sold out, and we couldn't find a single scalper with a pair of tix. The Mariners truly are a hot ticket this year. Unbelievable. Makes me think that it's going to be a madhouse this Saturday on Ichiro Bobblehead day. Sang and I may have to sleep out, which would not be pleasant.
We ended up grabbing dinner at Harvest Vine and just hanging out. It's too bad he can't stay longer. That summer he stayed with me in Seattle, I explored more of the Northwest than I have in the few years since. He's a catalyst.
Lance Armstrong generates enough power riding in the Tour de France for three weeks to power his entire hometown of Austin for two hours and eighteen minutes. The entire town.
Joannie, you'd better be studying hard for the bar!
Tomorrow I head off to Rainier in the evening to sleep out near the start line for RAMROD. And then, Thursday, I ride. I'm not as confident as I was last year going into STP. In part because I had more time to ride last year, perhaps because I don't have a large team surrounding me this year. But the challenge is exciting.