Independence Day

July 4 fell in the middle of the week this year. Strange. Yesterday, as our nation celebrated its independence, Bill and I got up early and rode the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. He hadn't ridden much all year and gamely proposed we do the loop there. I hadn't been there since my first big ride of the season, Chilly Hilly. This time I was better prepared, though I'm still a bit sluggish on the hills. I may just never be a lithe climber. Saw lots of houses for sale, though I don't think I could live there. At the end of our ride, we ran into the Bainbridge 4th of July parade and fair, and I had a hot beef and onion sandwich that was just what I needed at that time.
On the ferry ride back, Bill and I were in front, half asleep, when we heard the ferry blast its horn several times in succession. Bill wondered what that was all about. And then we noticed a sailboat dashing madly across our path under motor. We chuckled to ourselves, thinking, "What idiots."
Later, in the evening, we cruised over to Laura's for a fourth of July pre-party. Parking is hell in Seattle on the fourth. Then we trekked out to Dan's boat in Elliot Bay Marina. As we sat in his boat, waiting for darkness and the fireworks, Dan recounted a story from earlier that day. Turns out he had been over to Bainbridge the night before on his sailboat with Lori. Then, in the morning, they had been cruising over to Seattle when they got in the path of a hard-charging ferry. Those idiots had been Dan! Bill and I could not stop laughing over that coincidence. Seattle has become much too small.
So much going on. Hard to keep track of it all. I shall tick it off CNN style:
Noted local celebrities Todd and Juli plan to wed September 21. Socialite Aaron Rova threw them an engagement party at which yours truly attended and saw many famous faces. Just yesterday, on July 4, yours truly was asked to be a groomsman. Holy smokes! Was, needless to say, quite honored and can't wait for the big day.
My dad decided to accept early retirement from Lucent and is now in search of a teaching job. Huge life change for him, but I know he will make a great teacher of computer science, physics, math...he's gotten three kids through those subjects, and trust me, it wasn't always easy. I'll always remember when he sent me a suggested solution to a difficult physics problem over e-mail, using ASCII art to draw some force diagrams. Awesome. I've got to finish going over his resume and cover letter--wild!
Toni met a boy in France. A French boy. Named Phillipe? Philippe? As soon as she left me and went off to Nerja. A few days with him, and she's ready to marry him, I think. Love is in the air, all around me, but I am the boy in the bubble. Crazy, single American woman meets mysterious French guy in Spain. Who writes this stuff? I am the catalyst. Single woman, just spend some time with me, just a little, and I guarantee you will meet a guy (not me) that you will just adore.
Karen is traipsing around Europe somewhere. Last check she was in Germany. I have no idea where she is now. I just heard about her plans as I left for Spain, and I returned and she was off on a three week backpacking jaunt. Youngest children have the boldest, strangest ideas. I tell you, Sulloway was right on.
Joannie is studying for the bar. I think of the bar, I think of Tom Cruise in The Firm, working by day, studying on his own time, and getting the best score (second best score in the movie, I think) in the state. C'mon Joan, no pressure.
In sports, the Cubs are still in first place but have no offense.
My new favorite phrase (don't ask me where it came from): yee-ha!