Okay, this keyboard in Saville is a bit closer to those in the U.S. So I can type a bit more. Arrived in Saville tonight by bus from Lagos in Portugal. I love Saville! Reminds me of Florence in some ways. Spent the night wandering the streets of Saville, drinking local beer and sangria and eating tapas. Am slightly intoxicated as I write, so the fluorescent light off this screen is giving me a headache. Yeee-ha!
Salema in Portugal was nice. Remote fishing town, like Cinqueterre in Italy. Spent time on the beach, just lounging with the locals. Windy out there. The Portuguese have a little brother/big brother complex with Spain, so actually my French came in handy.
Staying at Hotel Amadeus in Santa Cruz here in Saville. Right next to the cathedral, which is magnificent at night. I was so relaxed tonight. Just wanted to sit and soak it all in. It feels like the city is vibrating under my feet. The food and drink is great.