Threw Jason a surprise 30th birthday party tonight at Waterfront. We got him good. He thought he was going to Hawaii yesterday, but instead his whole family showed up at the airport. He thought we were going to do something for him on his actual birthday, which was Thursday, but we didn't do anything. He was bummed. It was pretty funny. He came over to my house with Jamie to borrow some things from me for Hawaii, and he expected a huge surprise party, but instead he found me folding my laundry. Hah! I think he had a pretty good time tonight. Bought him these cool Adidas tearaway pants for basketball. I need to get a pair of those myself. Adidas clothes are sweet.
Rode with Todd and Rachael this morning. Did this ride up to Edmonds and back. It was about 62 miles. Got nailed by a rainstorm that just drenched me. My feet and hands were frozen, and if Rach hadn't let me a rain jacket I'd probably have pneumonia right now. Wind was blowing sideways, and the latter half of the ride home was slow, wet, and extremely painful. My legs were shot and I barely made it home. That weather made things really unpleasant.
I'm pooped.