Just came back from a basketball rec league playoff game. It was the first round, and we got knocked out. I'm so bitter right now it's driving me crazy. It can't be healthy to hate losing so much. It was a team we've beaten twice before, without much difficulty, but suddenly tonight they bring out all these ringers we've never even seen before. We were up for a long time, then they ran away at the end. Up by a lot at the end, they kept running up the score, which poured a little salt in the wound. This, on top of the general frustrations of work and life, lit me up. One of the opponents drew a foul for throwing an elbow into my neck and knocking me on my hip, and I started jawing at him. My hip is still sore right now, and I'm having a hard time ignoring it.
I need yoga, or something like that, to cool me off. Some way to channel this random energy, or to accept my fate with equanimity, without becoming a passive lunk.
You know, I should just give up on basketball. I don't think I'll ever be good enough so that it's anything but frustrating to play. Maybe one day when I'm old and mellow I can pick it up again for fun. I need to just do things for fun. Everything is a job to me these days.
My dad finished cleaning our home in Naperville and is going to put it on the market. Strange, to think of selling off the house where I spent so much of my life, where so many memories still fill the rooms, soaked into the walls and the carpet. Does a house ever forget? I feel old.
Scott's birthday was Monday. I'm taking him to a birthday dinner on Friday. Folks, wish the man a happy birthday. Somehow he manages to tackle life with a smile. An example to follow.
Mark and Marie might come up for Marie's spring break. Would be good to show them around Seattle a bit. Haven't had too many of the old crew swinging through town here.
Check out the website for the upcoming Baz L. film Moulin Rouge. Can't wait to see it. Among many things, the music should be great, with tracks by Beck, Fatboy Slim...
This news clip from IMDb news. It's one thing Russell Crowe and I have in common. I bet if I dig deeper, it would be just one of many. I got John's (Sun Tzu) wedding invitation today. Yikes!
Russell Crowe: I'm Not Ready For Marriage Yet
Russell Crowe refuses to get married - because he's not in the right frame of mind to settle down. Russell, who recently ended a romance with actress Meg Ryan, insists he's happier rushing from country to country than trying to start a family. He says, "I can't see myself putting on slippers and puffing on a pipe by the fireside just. I think it is safe to say that I am still very much a wanderer at heart. I've got my farm back in Australia but I'm probably at my happiest on the road. I'm rather a spontaneous creature. I like to be able to just grab a bag and run for the airport. That doesn't fit in with too many women's plans." He adds, "Marriage? I think I'd be a disaster."