Michelle Pfeiffer most beautiful woman in the world?

This from IMDb news today (no comment from yours truly):
Michelle Pfeiffer Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World
Hollywood star Michelle Pfeiffer is officially the most beautiful woman in the world. Her facial features exactly match a complex 'beauty formula' drawn up by California plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Marquardt. The doctor has worked out that the secret of true beauty is 1.618 - an equation which scientists have dubbed the PHI ratio. He's worked out the ideal width of a mouth is 1.618 times the width of the nose. And every human facial feature can be matched to the same ratio. Using these calculations the doctor has drawn up a 'perfect beauty' diagram and discovered that Michelle, 43, is the most beautiful. Dr Marquardt says, "Think about it. If you were looking at a picture of Michelle next to a picture of, say, Julia Roberts, which would you prefer? Just from their faces, you'd be most likely to be attracted to Michelle."