Oscars continued

More thoughts on the Oscars:

  • The white tie look seemed to be in. Benjamin Bratt and Ben Affleck both sported white shirt/white tie combos. That's a tough one to pull off...unless you're Benjamin Bratt or Ben Affleck.

  • Russell Crowe was a grump the whole time. What's up with that? Maybe Meg won't return his phone calls. You're invited to the Oscars. Smile a bit, huh?

  • Julia Roberts referred to Jack Conti, the conductor, as "stick man." I thought that was, inadvertent as it might be, a snobbish way to address him. Conti is introduced every year, Julia should know his name.

  • That long closeup of Bob Dylan's head spooked me. He's a great singer, but he's not that photogenic. I didn't need to see his pores.

  • Ashley Judd thanked the Academy for inviting a "simple country girl" to the proceedings. This while dressed in tens of thousands of dollars of fabric and jewelry, and engaged to an Italian race car driver. Hmmm.

  • What happened to Winona Ryder? Everytime she presents she seems so awkward. I feel uncomfortable just watching her. I used to be such a big fan. Now she does stuff like Autumn in New York.

Pro cyclists are so fit that their resting heart rates are in the 30's!! Tyler Hamilton's resting heart rate is 35, and Lance's is 32-34. That's sick. I can't even imagine getting mine under 60. Something to shoot for.
I'm too heavy to ride right now. So I went out for a five mile run tonight. I'm going to ride tomorrow morning. It's time to shed some serious weight and get myself in cycling shape.
Pitcher Randy Johnson hit a dove with a 95 mph fastball in training camp yesterday and killed it. I watched the replay. He threw the pitch, and before it reached the plate a dove flew across the baseball's path and there was an explosion of white feathers. The bird's corpse landed 10 feet behind the catcher, off to the side. Johnson can't like that omen, killing a dove.
The Cubs optioned Corey Patterson to Triple A. Good move.
Joannie's fiance Mike's birthday today. Happy birthday Mike!