Karmic Surplus, or Debt?

One of those days that starts badly and keeps getting worse.
I woke up early for a 6:00am spin around Mercer with Tim. Felt like crap to start with, and then halfway around the island, Tim leaves me behind. I'm wondering why I'm so slow. Can't get the cranks around at all. Then I realize my rear tire is totally flat. Of course, flash back to the morning, when I can't find my pump. "Ah, I won't need it today anyway. Haven't had a flat in months." Murphy.
So I'm 7 miles from home, without a pump, in my bike shoes. Walking in bike shoes, with their bulky cleats, is like walking in heels. Tim was late for a court date so I knew I wouldn't see him again. I figure some biker will come by and loan me a pump.
Finally, after walking for about an hour, a guy in a Land Rover pulled over and gave me a lift. He happened to be a fellow cyclist. You can always count on your fellow cyclists for sympathy. Thanks Scott, wherever you are.
Then I arrive at work to a website crisis. I've spent all morning chasing it.
I must have done something badly recently. I apologize for it now. I'm hitting the RESET button. I'm going to go help a lady across the street and rescue a cat from a tree. Please stop.