Stanford barely won yesterday over St. Joe's. If they'd gone out in the second round for a third year in a row, I'd still be crying in some Irish bar right now.
I think it takes physical strength to suppress our true feelings. Whenever I exhaust myself, my dreams reveal all. Yet another reason to work out hard, regularly. So we don't deceive ourselves.
Watched a few good films recently. Wong Kar Wai's In The Mood For Love, which is the best film I've seen in 2001. Christopher Doyle's cinematography is LUSH. Great stuff. And Shane, the old western. Turned out to be a lot more than I expected. Enemy at the Gates was a bust. Great premise, lousy execution. A few good scenes, but otherwise loose and sloppy. Sad, how most films achieve their greatest glory as a two minute trailer.
Finally bought myself a decent pair of basketball shoes. Some type of Reeboks, I can't remember the brand. I've been wearing these old Nikes that don't fit me very well. Nikes never fit my feet. They're so narrow. Basketball shoes these days are strange looking. Maybe fashion has passed me by, but some of those designs are just wack. Tear away pants are smooth, though. I need to get me some of those.
Took Dan out to look for a home theater. He's working on furnishing his new house. I can but bask in the reflected glory of his material wealth. He's picked up furniture, a house, a new sailboat, and soon a new home theater, all in the span of like a month. Singlehandedly, he is holding the local economy afloat. Can't wait to get out sailing on his boat again, just like those glory days in 98.
Dropped my bike off to get a longer stem put on it. Time to get serious about going fast on that thing. The longer stem should help. Metal bike parts are so beautiful.
Whipped out a short short story yesterday night. Finally read it again just now, and it needs some work. Still, it captures the cynical disappointment I was feeling at the time, and it's got a snappy title. Maybe I'll post it here after it's brushed up.