Holidays we don't celebrate

Today is another one of those holidays that some companies don't consider to be a holiday. I didn't get President's Day off in consulting, and I don't now. It just means I get a good parking spot in the morning, there's less traffic to fight, the mail doesn't show up, and the markets are closed. I can't remember the last holiday where I was in the holiday spirit.
Former Amazon employee Mike Daisey has a one man show spoofing his days with the company, and at his website he's posted a short film he shot in our headquarters after sneaking back in with his old badge. It's titled Rear Entry. Personally, I have no problem with folks poking fun at our company, but I've seen Mike Daisey perform in Seattle before, and this short film is far from his best work. It's not that funny at all.
The latest installment of the honorable J. William Gurley's column "Above the Crowd" names WIP as the next big thing. Do you agree? Whether you do or don't, read his column, subscribe to his newsletter. He was the first analyst to cover, back when he was at DMG, and he's still one of the sharpest technology analysts around.
Stanford's #1 in college hoops again, because North Carolina lost to Clemson. Hah hah. Had lots of fun rubbing it into Jason at work. I owe Rich, proud Clemson supporter, a beer.