Being like Mike

Made a quick swing up to Whistler this weekend. It's becoming such a familiar retreat to me that I'm starting to think of the eight hours of driving there and back as a short trip. Jumped over my first picnic table and did some nice face plants in the half pipe.
Saw Hannibal, and it was as I expected, a disappointment. Not surprising because the book itself was so dull. Still, Anthony Hopkins is genius. I'm adopting a Lecteresque persona at work from now on. He'd make a great program manager.
They reran Sportscentury's feature on Michael Jordan the other night, and I taped it. Finally watched it tonight. Man, I miss watching him play. I love the competitive fire, though. I want to compete with someone everytime I watch some retrospective on him.
Why am I in such a combative mood?
I'm going vegetarian for two weeks. Just because.