My next cellphone

More good reviews for the Treo 180. I have held off on upgrading my cellphone for a year and a half now, and my Nokia 8260 is starting to show signs of wear. The sound is starting to go. I haven't had any significant reason to upgrade my phone during that time as the primary advances in cell phone tech have been in form factor, primarily, and it's painful to pay $100 just so your phone is small, looks good, is made of chrome, etc. Functional advances have been absent.
Once AT&T flips to GSM, or even if they don't, I may have to get a Treo 180. Syncing my Outlook address book to my cellphone easily is key, and I prefer the keyboard approach to the graffiti approach (the 180g offers graffiti for those who are of the opposite opinion). The ability to rattle off a quick e-mail from my phone is not a huge need, but I could see occasional uses for it. And for remote web browsing, I have to have at least a minimal screen. I refuse to browse the web using a four line black and white text interface.