Over stimulus

People describe my room as being too full of stuff. I must agree with them. I am overwhelmed with stimuli in my room. DVDs. Satellite TV. Music CDs. Video games. Books piling up in all corners. Dozens of unread magazines, but damned if I'm not saving each and every one because some article looked interesting. The internet. Art on the walls. E-mail. Snail mail. Catalogs. People describe it as a bachelor pad, but that is a mis-statement, because it's really set up just to indulge my need for constant idea flow. I find myself working hard to just stay on top of it, and I'm failing. I feel good when I can throw out a newspaper, or mail, or a magazine. Or finish a book. It feels like progress.
I walk in, and I can't get anything done because there's too much to do. Maybe it is a bachelor pad. It keeps me so occupied I'll have trouble getting out and meeting girls.