Where's my cigarette Okay, just

Where's my cigarette

Okay, just finished the first 1,848 words of my novel. They're
not necessarily the first words that will appear in my novel,
but it's a start. I knew it would be painful, and it hurt like
hell to sit down and write it. When you're out of practice
writing, it's difficult to string sentences together. Especially
when writing fiction, where the action has to come from
within. When you don't feel very strongly, it's like forcing
yourself to vomit. I feel spent. This will be a long, painful
What's worse is that I really don't like much of what I
wrote today. Most days are like that. Anyone who doesn't
think writing is a tough job has never had to do it for a
living. Not just the first draft, but all the revisions. If I
had a craving for cigarettes, I would've smoked an
entire pack tonight.
Most of the scene I wrote today consists of the main
character getting his ass kicked.