Alternative combat

Bored with the usual sports like football, basketball? Try BattleBots or the Iron Chef. I recently watched a bit of both and give them high marks for entertainment value.
Modern warfare is absolutely terrifying in an abstract way. Sept. 11 was so strange in that it was as concrete a manifestation of terrorism as can be (two gigantic buildings actually collapsed), and yet it was so completely unbelievable. Airplanes crashing into the World Trade Centers, which then collapsed? It's a Dali-esque nightmare come to life. Every several years or so when I was young, I'd have this nightmare that the entire world, everything, was coming to an end. At least that's the best way I have to describe it. A feeling of complete terror and desperation. And then I'd wake up, my heart would be pounding, and I'd be so happy to realize it was over that I would feel complete elation.