Happy Halloween If you like

Happy Halloween

If you like animation, have a really fast Internet connection,
and about 40 minutes to spare, you might consider watching
Blood: The Last Vampire today. Sputnik7 is streaming it
for free all day today, starting at 6pm EST. The movie itself
is not that great, it's more like a sketch than a film. But
the animation is gorgeous. James Cameron was a big fan.
Trick or treating is like hiking for children. I have happy
memories of trick or treating as a kid. Gathering with your
other childhood friends. My parents would buy me those
small plastic pumpkins to hold our candy (using a garbage
bag is just not right). Trying to see through the pitifully
small eyeholes in your plastic masks, we'd walk for
miles. We were like guerillas. Our parents would drive
us to the next neighborhood, drop us off, and we were
off, trying to hit every house that seemed inhabited.
Of course, we had to hit the wealthy neighborhoods,
under the simple assumption that somehow they might
offer up higher quantity or quality loot. I wonder when I
stopped trick or treating, when I determined that I was
too old to hike for free candy.
I like Sweet Tarts. Gummy Bears. The smell of a
Hershey's Chocolate bar.
Now, onto what really scares me. I committed to writing
a novel of at least 50,000 words next month, and next
month starts tomorrow. This is big news. Over 5000 people
across the country are doing it, and at last check Nanowrimo
was ranked #19 on Blogdex, which shouldn't be surprising.
The same people who set aside time to write in their
weblogs all the time are probably the best suited to
carve out an hour or two a day to write 1700 words or so.
So my weblog volume will be light the next month or so.
What is my novel about? I'm not really sure yet. I have
lots of things I'd like to write about, lots of themes I'm
interested in trying out. Given that I have to write just
about everyday, I think it will meander a bit. Maybe I'll
post it online. I haven't decided if I want to subject anyone
to having to read it.
Oh yeah. I love caramel apples with nuts on them.
That's probably the all-time best Halloween treat I
ever received. I wonder how that house could afford to
give those away.