On the homeless bum: Gucci

On the homeless bum: Gucci top, $1,895

News clip spotted at IMDb:
Pamela Anderson insists she wouldn't have thought
twice about shooting her lesbian stalker in the head
if she had had a gun. The mother of two was terrified
to find the crazed fan hiding in her house, and says
her training in weapons would have come in handy.
Pamela says, "If I had a gun, I would have shot her
in the head. I can shoot too. I've been trained in all
kinds of weaponry. I did a course for Barb Wire. I
can shoot bazookas, grenade launchers... I rock
with my Glock out. What's that line in Mommie
Dearest? 'Don't f*** with me, fellas, this ain't my first
time at the rodeo!'" Pam says she knew her stalker
was getting out of hand when her clothes started to
go missing and then she saw homeless people near
her house wearing her clothes. She says, "I'd see
girls and homeless people on the beach wearing
glittery bikini tops and hotpants and I'm like - that's
my stuff! She was giving my stuff to her friends! I
tell you, the homeless people looked great. Gucci
cut-offs, Louis Vuitton suitcases. They looked